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Studio updates.

A Time to Create

When I first started photography many moons ago, I would find someone to go photograph with just to learn, create, play, with no worries on what the outcome was.  As this has grown into a full-time occupation, I find myself less and less doing sessions for "me"... So yesterday, I changed that by having Dawn and her beautiful daughter Aubre come in for a fun fashion shoot!  I sent them a few ideas on clothing and what direction I was wanting to go with it and away we went!  This was a total blast for me, I was using old lighting equipment I hadn't used in years, and trying new lighting styles and posing... and well, let's just say I was very happy with what we ended up with!  Of course, Aubre was amazing, can't say enough about her!  I will leave you with a quote and some of my favorites from her session.  "Beautiful is more than attractive--it means inside is as outside" - Waylon H. Lewis