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Studio updates.

West Coast Bound!

Most of you know me as a senior photographer...  but on occasion you'll see me out and about with a family!  If we're being honest, seniors are my favorite!  But I truly believe our greatest memories are of our family and I love being able to capture that moment for them to cherish, and their kids families, and so on.  I'm technically a recorder of history! 

With that being said, the above portrait is of my good friend Whitney, her husband Dan and their two beautiful kiddos!  Whitney and Dan are both amazing and talented photographers, but one of the hardest things is taking portraits of your own family.  So a couple weeks ago they flew me out to Oregon City to take their family portraits!  We pretty much made a day of it!  This image here I think really shows what they are all about, fun, goofy, and laughing!  I'll be sharing more from their session and also about my trip up there soon!  I've got some exciting news, but can't let you in on it right now... 

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