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Frequently asked questions

We happily guarantee our work 100%. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We want each and every client to leave here with a smile. We take pride in our work and customer service! Please let us know if there is ever anything we can do for you.

When do I pay my sitting fee?
Sitting fees can be paid by card over the phone when you book your session or you may mail a check within 5 business days.  This fee is to hold your session time and does not apply to your order.

How do I place my order?
Approximately three weeks after your session you will return to the studio to view your portraits on the 'big screen'.  After you view your slideshow, we will take our time to go through each photo, compare things side by side, and answer any questions you may have to help you place your order.  All orders must be placed at the studio at the time of your ordering session. 

Bring along wall-measurements and photos of your home/walls and we will help you figure out wall collages or print sizes.

Take the time before you come in to decide whom you need to order prints for (grandparents, aunts, uncles, god-parents, work, friends, etc…)

Our studio policy is in-house viewing only. We do not put previews online.

How long before I can see my photos?
Depending on the season, it typically takes three weeks to edit and finalize your images for viewing.

When should I order?
With our in-studio consultation, plan on ordering during that time!  It is important that all decision makers are present at that time to place the order.

How long does it take to get my portraits?
Again, this depends on the time of year. We usually require three to four weeks for your order to be finalized, printed and sent back to us. We will call you the day they arrive and are available for pick up. *Holiday seasons may require more time.

Do you do your own printing?
No. We leave that to the professionals. Every order we receive is sent to a professional lab to be printed. An image is only as good as the printed version, and we take pride in giving our clients only perfectly printed portraits.

You took my images last year. Do you still have them?
Yes, all images are stored on external hard drives, and barring any natural disasters will be kept indefinitely.

What should I wear?
Bring outfits that are fun and that you feel good in.  Vary the dress level of your clothes.  Bring some things that are dressy as well as varying levels of casual clothing.  If you are torn on what you want to wear, feel free to bring a couple extra changes of clothing and we can help you decide what will look best. Bring a good variety of your favorite clothes so we have a choice.

Most of the clothing changes will take place on location, usually in my commercial vehicle.  To make you feel more comfortable changing please consider wearing a tank and spandex underneath for ease of changing on location.

Avoid too many patterns, solids photograph much better, but be sure to bring a variety of colors. Choose short or long-sleeved shirts or sweaters rather than sleeveless clothing.

If you would like to wear your glasses, consider having the lenses removed (if possible) for the photo session to avoid the glare that often shows up on the lenses.

What should I bring?
BRING IT ALL — extra clothing, hats, your favorite coat or jacket, letterman’s jackets, sportsgear, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, any prop you have in your collection that defines your personality. Bring along your car or your motorcycle! The sky is the limit here! Girls, bring your make-up and lipgloss for touch ups. Take time to think about all the things you want to have with you, we are constantly hearing “ohhh! I should have brought this or that with me!” So bring it!

How should I do my make-up?
Do not try a new make-up style the day of your appointment.  Wearing lipstick or gloss will help bring out your lips in the photograph. Avoid heavy, dark eye make-up.  While eyeliner and mascara are great, too much heavy dark eye-makeup can make your eyes appear dark and small. 

What hairstyle is best?
Plan to wear your hair in a style you are comfortable with. Avoid new cuts or coloring one week prior to your session.  If you highlight or color your hair, make sure your hair appointment is scheduled a week or more before the session, but do pay attention to your roots because it will show in your photos! 

Do I have time to straighten or curl my hair during the session?
If you would like to give yourself a different look during your session, we suggest bringing clips, pins, or ties to quickly pull it up or pin it back for some photos.  You will not have time to do a completely new style, so pick your favorite and do variations on that.  Hats are also a great way to get a different look.

To tan or not to tan….
Do NOT decide a week before your appointment that you need to start tanning. If you plan on being tan for your senior session, get a good base tan!  If you are in the sun all summer, make sure you wear sun block to avoid bad tan lines.  If you plan to tan, start 2-3 months before your session and do it gradually, not 2 weeks or 3 days before hand.  Be careful of spray-on tans for your session. At times spray-on tans can make you appear orange under studio lights.

Don't worry about blemishes, minor breakouts, or bruises. They can easily be retouched.

Will my fingernails show?
Yes!!! Check your fingernails and toenails! Either put a fresh coat on or remove leftover polish! Don’t think you can hide it, your hands are seen in MANY of the photos!!

What props should I bring?

We encourage you to bring anything that exemplifies your personality. In addition to your clothing, feel free to bring along some props. Bring your sports equipment, uniforms, trophies, plaques, letterman’s jacket, class ring, guitar , weights, hunting stuff, vehicles, your pet, or even your best friend; whatever you would like in your pictures.

And again, come prepared! Sit down and really think out what you want to bring and wear. Don’t be afraid to call or email and ask questions before your session. We are here to help you make this a great time and a terrific session! When you look good, *we* look good.

When should I take my Senior Portraits?

Ideally, from the minute you complete your Junior year, you should begin planning for your Senior Portraits. Why? Several reasons!
1.Time flies!!
2.Once your Senior school year starts, you will be busy with school activities and work.
3.Senior Yearbook deadlines are the beginning of the school year.
4.Summer and Fall are the best seasons for classy outdoor portraits. Springtime can be unpredictable and it may be too late to reschedule if it’s raining the day of your appointment.
5.We have more time to be creative with your portraits! When you call us in a rush, then we are in a rush and the overall experience may suffer for it.

How much should I plan on spending?

Our minimum senior pricing starts at $439.00. You will have more than enough unique images from which to choose. You will need to pay for your sitting fee at the time of booking, so have your credit or debit card ready.

How long will my senior session last?

Please plan on up to three hours, depending on the number of outfits, driving time and special requests. It’s easier on us if you don’t have plans for that day. This is a once in a lifetime event! We take our senior sessions seriously, and hopefully it shows! Come refreshed and please arrive on time!

Should I bring a parent?

A parent is required, but we do ask that parents allow us to stay in control of the session as we know what we are aiming for and we’re pretty good at what we do! To parents: Sit back, enjoy the experience and trust our judgment. That’s what you’re paying us for!!  Please do not bring someone who is a distraction to you.

Do you design Senior Announcements?

Yes, these are one of our most popular items!  Custom Announcements are a great way to show off your senior photos!  Each announcement is custom designed to match your favorite colors, school colors, and/or clothing. We have a ton of samples in our studio to give you ideas and inspiration.

Do you offer custom framing?
Yes! Finish it with a Frame! We believe every product should leave our hands ready to hang on the wall! Make sure you complete and compliment your portrait session by ordering your custom frames with us. We will do all the ordering and assembly so you can enjoy your portrait art immediately. Let us help you pick out the perfect display.